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Meet CDC Covid-19 guidelines with contactless curbside pickup.
Move beyond phone calls. Customers can order ahead 24/7 and electronically notify you upon arrival — without calls or an app. Enjoy more frequent, larger orders, freed staff time from calls, and happier customers.

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Phonecall Woes

Whether restocking shelves or helping a customer phone calls interrupt without warning and frustrate customers with hold times and busy signals. Call in orders often take several minutes with phone anxiety resulting in smaller, less frequent orders.

Replace call in orders with web-based ordering at

Unanswered Calls
Missed Calls
Busy Signals
Trouble Hearing

  • 24/7 ordering (as long as you're allowing orders)
  • Scheduled pickup the next business day based on store hours
  • Customers get pickup reminders; we'll notify you of arrival
  • Works with any Point of Sale system

Electronic Arrival Notifications

Customers dislike phone tag. With FastCurb customers electronically notify you of arrival by replying to a text message or clicking an "I've Arrived" button on the ordering website.

They can even tell you their car type and color to make it easy to find them!

The FastCurb Solution

Direct your customers to order at

Customers enter their requested items and submit their order.

New orders pop up in your dashboard.

Staff prepares order and marks it ready, optionally entering the total due.

Optionally accept online credit card payments so customers can pay before arrival.

We'll notify the customer allowing them to pay online.

We'll send a text message reminder to the customer before pickup time.

On arrival customers electronically check in.

Once a customer checks in we'll alert your dashboard and let you know what vehicle to deliver to.

If you don't acknowledge their arrival we'll send an automated phone call as a backup.

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