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Meet CDC Covid-19 guidelines with contactless curbside pickup.
Order at, store Dashboard, text message pickup reminders, pay online (optional), electronic pickup arrival notifications and more.

Get Started
No activation fee or upfront costs

Customer Ordering

Easy Ordering
There's no app for customers to install, no account to create, and no password for them to remember. Provide customers with a menu and cart or forego maintaining a menu and prompt them to type in their requested items.

If providing a menu use our easy visual menu editor to build it and keep it up to date.

Custom Store URL & Theming
Claim your custom store URL and choose your theme to match your brand. Multiple store locations? Send customers to a specific store page at

Fast Setup
Because there's no inventory to manage you can start accepting orders in just 10 minutes.

Store Dashboard

Your store Dashboard webpage is where you'll be spending most of your time with us. We recommend keeping it open on a computer at your store so we can always notify you of new orders and arrivals.

  • See all open orders and their status
  • List View or large Grid View (eg for Kitchen)
  • Review past orders
  • Get pickup arrival notifications
  • Manage store settings
  • Toggle accepting orders on and off
  • See vehicle type and color (if provided)

Order Details

Requested Items
The customer's order is shown here. Staff can optionally check items off to keep track of ready items.

Internal Notes
Optional notes for staff regarding the order. The customer won't see this.

A log all activity made by the customer, staff, or automated systems (like text message reminders).

Enter Total
If you've opted to accept online payments enter the customer's total amount due. We'll notify the customer so they can pay online.

Message Customer
Chat with customer via text messaging (eg. offer customer a substitution for an out-of-stock item).

Partial Refund
If a customer has pre-paid their order online partially refund their payment.

Print Pick Slips
Print a hardcopy of the order to aid in gathering items. Compatible with standard inkjet, laser, and receipt printers (eg thermal).

The current status is shown and can be updated with a single click.

Online Payments

Optionally accept online credit card payments from customers.
We're partnered with Stripe, a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank.

Online payments are optional
Let customers choose whether to pay online or require pay in-person — it's up to you.

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • & more

Arriving for Pickup

Pickup Reminder
About 30 minutes before a customer's pickup window opens we'll send them a reminder text message with pickup information (see picture).

Arrival Confirmation
Once a customer has arrived at the store they will reply to the text message or click "I've Arrived" on the ordering page.

Arrival Notification
We'll alert your Dashboard with a visual popup and repeating gentle chime so you know a pickup customer is here.

Backup Phonecall
If you don't acknowledge arrival in a few minutes we'll automatically call the store as a backup.

Your "Dave's Pet Plaza" order pickup is today 11:00am-7:30pm. AFTER ARRIVING text us your vehicle (ex: red car) OR go to


Will it work with my Point of Sale System? Yes! FastCurb works with any POS. Orders come in on your web-based Dashboard at and you'll checkout your customers just like you normally would as if you were taking a call in order. This guarentees the most flexibility with any system or workflow and allows you to begin accepting orders immediately with minimal setup.

Are there any hidden fees? No! There are no upfront costs, activation fees, subscriptions, contracts, cancellation fees, or obligations. Just sign up and pay as you go based on the number of orders. There's no risk in trying FastCurb out! The very basic pricing on the Pricing page covers it all.

Do I have to enter my inventory or keep prices up to date? No! That's the magic of our simple system. Customers request products without you having to list them or their prices in the system. This saves untold hours of work and makes this system very hands-off. FastCurb is designed to be easy to make you and your staff's lives easier.

Are online payments required? No. You can choose to not enable online payments on a per-store basis so that customers must pay you upon arrival. Customers may also opt to skip online payment and just pay at the store.

Still have a question? Contact us — we'd love to hear from you.