How am I alerted of new orders or arrivals?
(sound, flashing, emails)

Basic types of notifications:

  • On-screen alerts
    • Flashing icons
      When new orders are placed or a customer arrives to pick up their order the colored status indicators will flash to draw attention to these important statuses.
    • Whole-screen flashing (optional)
      In the Notification Settings you can choose to flash the entire screen when a new order is placed and/or a customer arrives to pick up their order. These can be configured to flash briefly or continuously. Restaurants typically set the screen to flash for both situations continuously (until new orders or arrivals are acknowledged) since orders must be both started quickly and delivered to customers quickly upon their arrival.
  • Sound alerts (optional)
    When sound alerts are enabled a chime will ring when a new order is placed. When a customer arrives to pick up their order a different continuous chime will sound until you acknowledge their arrival, preventing customers from waiting too long.
  • Email notifications (optional)
    When enabled, a copy of new orders will be sent to the configured notification email address. Some of our customers configure this email address to go directly to staff to begin pulling orders.
  • Backup phone calls
    If configured and a customer arrives and is not acknowledged for too long, FastCurb will send an automated phonecall to your backup phone number to let you know that a customer arrived. This is useful if your staff misses the arrival notifications or there is a computer or internet outage preventing you from receiving the arrival alerts.

All forms of notifications and alerts are configurable for your store's unique needs. If these methods are insufficient for your needs please contact us and we'll see what we can do to help.