Order Flow

  1. Customer places an order request at
  2. As orders come in they will automatically appear in your Dashboard. If you have speakers you'll hear a gentle chime.

  3. To open an order click on it in the list. The following screen will pop up displaying all the order information. Here's an example explaining what each section is:

  4. Preparing (store is gathering items)
    When you're ready to begin gathering all the items for the order, select the "Preparing" status to indicate you are in that process. This is optional but recommended.
  5. Ready (items gathered or prepared, waiting for customer)
    Once you've finished preparing the order, change the status to "Ready". This is optional but recommended. You can also optionally click the checkbox next to each ready item to keep track of what was available.

    Internal Notes: If you need to add internal information for yourself or other staff, such as noting that frozen items are being held in the freezer, click in the internal notes area and type. Click out to save. Now you're waiting on the customer to arrive to pick up the order.
  6. Online Payments (optional)
    If you're accepting online payments you'll select the "Enter Total" action and enter the total amount due (eg 57.33). We'll send a message to the customer requesting them to pay this amount online. If they don't pay online before arriving you'll need to collect the amount in person (the order will be shown as UNPAID when they arrive).
  7. Pickup Reminder Text Messages (automatic)
    About 20 minutes before the customer's pickup window opens (the time you've promised to have the order ready by), we'll send the customer a text message reminding them to pick up their order and instructions for checking in upon arrival.
  8. Arrived (customer waiting at curb)
    Once the customer arrives they'll check in on their phone and the Dashboard will pop up an alert and begin making a repeating audible chime to let you know someone's here to pick up their order. This will continue until you change the status to "Delivering".
  9. Delivering (taking order to customer)
    To acknowledge the order, click the order and click the "Delivering" status to acknowledge the order. If you don't do this within a couple of minutes we'll send an automated phone call to make sure you are aware the customer is waiting outside.
  10. Completed (order is done)
    After you've delivered the order and completed the process, select the "Completed" status to finalize the order. It will be removed from the listing of orders in the main "Open Orders" tab to the "History" tab.
  11. Cancelling and Refunds
    To cancel an order select the "Cancelled" status. You will be prompted to provide a short explanation to send to the customer (eg. "All items out of stock", "Customer requested", etc). We'll send this explanation to the customer in a text message. If the customer already paid online we'll issue a full refund. If you only need to partially refund the order select the "Partial Refund" action and enter the amount to refund (eg 4.99).