Print to Receipt Printer


To print to a receipt printer you'll need to do two things:

  1. Install print drivers for your operating system (if not already installed).
  2. Configure your web browser to print to the receipt printer.

Driver Installation

If your operating system (Windows, Mac, etc) is not already set up to print to your receipt printer like a normal printer you'll need to set that up. If you're unsure if this is already set up create a text document, go to print it, and see if your receipt printer is an option to print to. If your printer is already listed you can skip directly to the "Browser Configuration" section below.

Browser Configuration

Go to the page you want to print (Eg Pick Slips). If a Print Dialog does not automatically display go to File: Print or press (ctrl+p on Windows, command+p on Mac). Select your receipt printer from the Destination/Printer list. If it is not displayed select "More..." or verify the driver is set up properly.

Recommended print settings (some within "More" or "Advanced" settings):
  • Margins: Minimum (most important)
  • Layout/Orientation: Portrait (in Firefox: File: Page Setup: Select your printer)
  • Paper size: 72-80mm for 3-inch paper (most common; usually already the default), around 51mm for 2-inch
Test printing to verify everything looks okay. If you have a lot of extra paper above or below the print check that margins are set to "Minimum" (or None if that does not work).